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Leveraging Facebook’s Video Delivery

FB-f-Logo__blue_114Facebook’s push to become a top tier video platform has been a hot topic as of late. Beginning with several tweaks to their algorithms to push video higher up your news feed, Facebook has implemented a number of changes to the way video is delivered on their platform. Introduction of their attention-grabbing auto-play feature has led to more complete views, and users can now make video playlists. Now, video reaches 35% of audiences versus only 14% for photos and 4% for text-only posts.

These changes have been incredibly effective. As of April of this year, Facebook eclipsed 4 billion video views per day, matching that of YouTube. It’s an incredible stat, and even more so when you consider that number is quadruple what they averaged a year ago. Clearly, a premium has been placed on the ability to publish great video content.

The Tombras Group has been ahead of the curve on these changes, and has gone all-in on video to take full advantage of this opportunity for our clients.

  • With four in-house video editing suites fully staffed, we deliver high-quality, high-value video content for our clients quickly and efficiently.
  • Our creative teams focus on developing campaigns that consumers want to share
  • The Tombras social media staff strategically tailors campaigns for each social media platform

Below are a couple examples of highly effective Facebook video campaigns.

This brand-centric video for Farm Bureau Insurance of Tennessee has been viewed over 6 million times… or 177 times the number of people in FBITN’s fan base.

This veteran-honoring video for the Southeast’s #1 independent grocer really resonated with our multi-state fan base. It’s racked up over 5 million views to date on Facebook and generated thousands of letters, emails and phone calls.

The Tombras Group is a 140-plus-person, full-service, national advertising agency with offices in Washington, D.C.; Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee (headquarters).

Analytics and Optimization Strategies for B2B Campaigns

Implementing a comprehensive analytics and optimization plan is critical. In a recently completed campaign for a Tombras Group national B2B client, this approach yielded an enormous return on investment.


After executing a comprehensive website redesign, we then optimized our digital advertising, SEO and social media campaign using a carefully considered set of Key Performance Indicators, each of which were monitored on a custom dashboard in real time. This approach allowed for a holistic view of how the brand was performing against established KPIs, including:

  • Channel Data – This lets us see not only where visitors are coming from, but also where converters come from. This allows us to optimize the display campaign to increase awareness and traffic and tweak our paid search to deliver higher conversion, improving results at the top and bottom of the conversion funnel.
  • User Behavior – We track user activities as they pertain to goal metrics across the entire digital eco-system. They’re tracked directly from code embedded in the website, giving us a real-time look at exactly what behaviors are part of the pathway to conversion. This was especially important for tracking interaction with the client’s loyalty program and social media efforts.
  • Seasonality Study – By tracking traffic week-over-week, month-over-month and year-over-year, we’re able to define industry seasonality and determine the optimal time to implement our various marketing campaigns.
  • Key-Page Visitation – Product category visitation viewed in conjunction with actual monthly sales data shows us how user behavior on the website is affecting the bottom line.

The campaign maximized its potential through optimization that led to incredible results:

  • Overall visits increased 341%
  • Unique visits increased 468%
  • Views of the dealer section up 756%
  • Sales increased 6.4%

All clients at The Tombras Group have customized and proprietary analytics programs tailored to their specific needs. This gives us the opportunity to innovate everyday to find new ways to increase revenue and ROI for our clients.

The Tombras Group is a 140-plus-person, full-service, national advertising agency with offices in Washington, D.C.; Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee (headquarters).

Digital Ad Fraud and Your Marketing Investment

iStock_000049494594_Double-800x800Digital ad fraud, commonly called traffic fraud, is becoming all too prevalent in the interactive advertising space. People are able to use bots or other means to create artificial impressions and clicks to exploit the system, causing advertisers to pay for fake, non-human traffic. This practice has had a major impact on the industry:


  • Fraudulent impressions can make up nearly 40% of a digital buy wasting valuable marketing dollars
  • Campaign performance results are skewed leading to false assumptions and bad optimization decisions
  • Inventory supply becomes inflated creating artificial pricing levels

Ad fraud doesn’t simply occur in the seedy underbelly of the Internet – it’s everywhere. According to a December 2014 study by the AMA, 25% of all fraudulent traffic is found on the 1,000 most visited sites on the web with both display and video ad formats being heavily affected.

The Tombras Group has invested in the latest digital marketing technology, including an ad verification platform, to mitigate the impact of ad fraud for our clients. This practice delivers key benefits including:

  • Ad verification with every campaign (at no additional cost)
  • We ensure that we’re getting only human eyes on your ads
  • Your digital ads are in brand-safe content areas
  • The message reaches only your geographic and demographic targets

Combatting ad fraud is critical to the success of digital campaigns. To date, few advertisers and agencies have tackled the issue of fraud. However, with these investments, The Tombras Group can now minimize the impact of fraud on digital campaigns whether your monthly ad spend is $10,000 or $1,000,000.

The Tombras Group is a 140-plus-person, full-service, national advertising agency with offices in Washington, D.C.; Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee (headquarters).

New KentuckyOne Campaign Guides Patients to “Choose Their Door”

KentuckyOne Health is Kentucky’s largest heath system with over 200 locations across the state. Despite having access to many different primary care access points, key consumer insights indicated their consumers weren’t exactly sure how to obtain the level of care that best suited their individual needs. Consumers wanted primary care options that were not only convenient, but also easy to access and navigate – they wanted to get in, get out, and get back to life.

So to help inform consumers about the many options available, and to increase consumer volume across all access points, The Tombras Group created a campaign called “Choose Your Door.”

The campaign used animation to showcase a wide variety of consumers and conditions, and stand out in a sea of healthcare advertising. Using an integrated approach of traditional and digital media channels including broadcast and cable TV, print, radio, outdoor, email, digital display, pay-per-click, social media and search, we showed consumers the right door for them.

To ensure the campaign delivered on the objective, we tracked key performance indicators through custom toll-free phone numbers to schedule appointments with physicians. We also developed a campaign website that displays the closest primary care facility based on geolocation and allow consumers to request an appointment. Plus, we developed a custom marketing performance dashboard to monitor and optimize the campaign in real time.

Since the campaign launched, we’ve seen some very healthy results.

  • 30,000 site visits
  • 600 calls for a primary care physician
  • 250 appointment request form completions

Check out the animated TV spot below, or click here to view more work.

The Tombras Group is a 140-plus-person, full-service, national advertising agency with offices in Washington, D.C.; Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee (headquarters).

The Crystal Coast Launches Best-in-Class Tourism Website

Concepted and deployed with a responsive-adaptive configuration, the new Crystal Coast website sets a new standard for the tourism industry. It uses geolocation and dynamic tagging to adapt to a user’s device, location and preferences. Using actual video footage from the Coast as the backdrop for the site gives the user a truly unique experience.

Unique to the tourism industry, the site employs a dynamically generated tagging structure, enabling Tombras’ analytics team to collect information on users’ preferences, giving them a truly customized and relevant experience. This method also provides multiple layers of additional data to track site performance.

To achieve superior results, Tombras Account Planners worked hand-in-hand with Data Architects to form new KPIs and bolstered the site with several performance improvements. Overall content was increased tenfold and a new SEO layer was added.

The initial results are proof points of the site’s outstanding performance:

  • 80% lift in organic search presence
  • 37% increase in visitation
  • 40% lift in conversion

To check out the site yourself, click here.

Resized-Crystal-Coast-Screenshots-2Resized-Crystal-Coast-Screenshots-1 Resized-Crystal-Coast-Screenshots-3

The Tombras Group is a 140-plus-person, full-service, national advertising agency with offices in Washington, D.C.; Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee (headquarters); Roanoke, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina.