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The Crystal Coast Launches Best-in-Class Tourism Website

Concepted and deployed with a responsive-adaptive configuration, the new Crystal Coast website sets a new standard for the tourism industry. It uses geolocation and dynamic tagging to adapt to a user’s device, location and preferences. Using actual video footage from the Coast as the backdrop for the site gives the user a truly unique experience.

Unique to the tourism industry, the site employs a dynamically generated tagging structure, enabling Tombras’ analytics team to collect information on users’ preferences, giving them a truly customized and relevant experience. This method also provides multiple layers of additional data to track site performance.

To achieve superior results, Tombras Account Planners worked hand-in-hand with Data Architects to form new KPIs and bolstered the site with several performance improvements. Overall content was increased tenfold and a new SEO layer was added.

The initial results are proof points of the site’s outstanding performance:

  • 80% lift in organic search presence
  • 37% increase in visitation
  • 40% lift in conversion

To check out the site yourself, click here.

Resized-Crystal-Coast-Screenshots-2Resized-Crystal-Coast-Screenshots-1 Resized-Crystal-Coast-Screenshots-3

Hilarious New Children’s Hospital Commercials Show That “We Get Kids”

It may seem obvious to people that Children’s Hospitals are where you should take kids, but parents often opt for the closest instead of the one most appropriate for children.  We created a campaign to raise awareness of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital but, more importantly, to drive home the notion it’s truly a Children’s Hospital where We Get Kids!

The three spots show how doctors look into the mind of the kids they’re treating, and the results are hilarious. One spot, Bicycle Jump, earned a Gold Addy at this year’s American Advertising Awards.

Check out the videos below.

Tombras “Live SEO” Creates Huge Returns

At The Tombras Group, our digital media strategy team is revolutionizing the way that SEO and SEM work together to build campaign strategies for our clients that significantly outperform their competition. In fact, campaigns that use Live SEO have seen between a 10% – 35% increase in conversion rates for cost-neutral optimizations. How do we do this? It’s all about communication.

By reconciling which keywords are relevant in SEO with which keywords are converting at a high rate in SEM, our teams can make adjustments to both site content and campaign parameters in real time. This not only improves the quality score of our ads, driving down cost per click, but it also ensures that the people clicking our ads are more likely to convert. This process results in significant bottom-line savings for our clients while drastically improving conversion rates.

One actual example of Live SEO impact on organic search traffic is pictured below.

YOY Organic Traffic Results

Tombras Launches New MoonPie Campaign and Website

Moon man rolling moon pie

KNOXVILLE, TENN. (February 3, 2015): The Tombras Group recently partnered with MoonPie to refresh digital engagement through an interactive, creative online campaign.

The 98-year-old CPG snack brand reached out to Tombras for help increasing sales.

Tombras developed the “Outta This World” brand campaign that tells the story of MoonPies being made on the moon. The new, responsive website features each MoonPie facility—a factory, museum, recipe laboratory and store—floating through space on its own quadrant of the moon. User generated social content is pulled into the site, creating an interactive experience for MoonPie fans and followers. Consumers who use #MoonPie will have their content appear on the site’s homepage. Supporting national digital and social media campaigns drive traffic to the new site.

“Working with an iconic brand like MoonPie to increase its relevance in the digital space was exciting for our agency,” said Dooley Tombras, executive vice president and director of digital and strategic planning. “Collaboration between our digital, social and creative teams has resulted in a campaign that both resonates with fans of the brand and creates exposure to drive trial with millennials.”

Since launching the new campaign, overall site traffic increased by 286 percent, with new user traffic increasing by 281 percent. The primary KPI of find-a-store conversions grew by more than 300 percent. Tombras is executing a robust analytics program tying digital conversions to increases in case sales at the retail level.

To see examples of this campaign and find out more about Tombras’ work with MoonPie, click here.

The Tombras Group is a 140-plus-person, full-service, national advertising agency with offices in Washington, D.C.; Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee (headquarters); Roanoke, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina.

Tombras Expands Creative Department with New Vice President, Creative Director

KNOXVILLE, TENN. (January 12, 2015):  The Tombras Group hires David Locascio as vice president, creative director, continuing the agency’s focus on creative-driven results.

While at agencies such as Digitas, Deutsch and BBDO, Locascio strategized, conceptualized and implemented many award-winning efforts for a wide range of clients including Mitsubishi, AT&T and Delta.

Locascio has more than 15 years of agency experience, working with national brands to grow their businesses through inspired, integrated thinking that utilizes the traditional and digital spaces.

He implements that experience at Tombras for clients including Nissan North America, Daimler Trucks North America and Ekornes global.

“David has done internationally recognized creative work with brands in both the traditional and digital spaces,” said Dooley Tombras, executive vice president and director of digital and strategic planning. “That experience is a perfect fit for a fully integrated creative and digital agency like The Tombras Group.”

The Tombras Group is a 140-plus-person, full-service, national advertising agency with offices in Washington, D.C.; Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee (headquarters); Roanoke, Virginia, and Charleston, South Carolina.

Performance Attribution on Traditional Media

Note: This is the final installment of a three-part blog series highlighting The Tombras Group’s media capabilities: Trading Desk, Programmatic TV, and Performance Attribution on Traditional Media.


Big Data was the hottest topic in marketing in 2014, with most companies and agencies drowning in data. However, data by itself isn’t valuable – it’s how to leverage that information and make it actionable that sets a great analytics program apart. At The Tombras Group, we’ve developed programs using massive amounts of data to inform and optimize traditional media campaigns in real time.

Our methodology is tailored to each client’s needs and infrastructure, but we’re able to do things like tap into sales APIs and distribution networks to attribute broadcast media success in a given geographic market, calculating ROI down to the penny.

By tracking revenue impact on different media mixes, placement, timing and messaging, we’re able to optimize traditional campaigns in real time the same way we do with digital campaigns. This practice has proven highly successful, and our clients are enjoying higher ROI than ever on traditional media.

While you’re here, please feel free to take a look at some of our recent work!

Government Campaign Reaches Top Ranking on YouTube Leaderboard

By Carlos Alcazar, Managing Director Multicultural

During a recent presentation to government communicators at Google’s DC office, I shared our Texting & Driving ad campaign that featured a chilling TV spot and entertaining YouTube videos. Our campaign garnered worldwide attention and millions of impressions and was responsible for generating a 28% lift in searches on Google related to texting & driving. I also said we were developing a Drunk Driving campaign that would be even bigger, but couldn’t give you the details…until now.

The Tombras Group is proud to announce a first for a U.S. government campaign, landing our client the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on YouTube’s coveted Ads Leaderboard at the #3 ranking. The Ads Leaderboard showcases the most engaging advertisements consumers choose to watch. Our client’s life saving message was in the company of major corporate brands such as the launch of video game Madden ’15, Foot Locker, Toyota and Samsung.

The YouTube Ads Leaderboard rankings are determined by an algorithm that factors in paid views, organic views, and audience retention (how much of a video consumers watched). The “Teens React to Drunk Driving” video (below) amassed more than four million views in just one week and generated 8X more engagement than industry standards. With almost 200k likes and 30k comments, our combination of strategy, creative, and great YouTube collaborations is a recipe for success.

Government campaigns can inspire and influence audiences. Digital video content is changing the landscape of traditional campaign planning. Unique media partnerships play an important role not only in distribution, but also development. We’re leveraging research, data, and analytics to create better content for NHTSA and the results speak for themselves.

If you’re interested in hearing how we achieve this success, reply to me at this email with your contact preference and we can schedule a time to visit.

Click here to see more of our work for NHTSA. 

Programmatic TV Buying

Note: This is the second installment of a three-part blog series highlighting The Tombras Group’s media capabilities: Trading Desk, Programmatic TV, and Performance Attribution on Traditional Media.


In our last entry we touched on the merits of digital programmatic media buying. Now we’ll review how Tombras is conducting similar audience-based buys for television resulting in lower cost, higher impact campaigns. Buying TV programmatically is in the early adoption phase – only 1% of all local and national television media bought today is programmatic – but it is projected to grow exponentially. The Tombras Group media team is already using the technology to maximize the efficiency of our buys. So how does all this work? Great question!

  • First, Tombras media planners tap into the massive amount of audience data collected by big data companies, categorizing people based on demographics, psychographics, interests and purchase data.
  • Second, this data is reconciled with data from various TV Networks or cable providers, which enables targeting of very specific audience sets.
  • Third, Tombras media planners input our client’s highly focused target audience data allowing us to buy impressions regardless of what program the consumer may be watching.
  • Finally, the target audience is served our client’s tailored message, whether they’re watching a ball game, a sitcom, or a cooking show, reaching only the desired audience.

This improved targeting results in significant cost savings. This is because our cost per impression remains the same, but we see a marked decrease in cost per CORRECT impression. This means that we are able to buy fewer impressions to achieve our desired result. Tombras is relentlessly focused on staying ahead of the curve in leveraging the latest marketing technology for our clients. In our next installment we’ll discuss how our media and analytics teams are delivering performance attribution on traditional advertising campaigns.

The Tombras Group Breaks Ground With Digital Media Trading Desk

Note: This is the first installment of a three-part blog series highlighting The Tombras Group’s media capabilities: Trading Desk, Programmatic TV, and Performance Attribution on Traditional Media.

Over the past twelve months there’s plenty of industry buzz about trading desks. In fact, sophisticated marketers like Unilever, Proctor & Gamble and Mondelez are in the process of shifting up to 75% of their media to a trading desk. The Tombras Group is at the forefront of this trend. Since implementing a proprietary trading desk in early 2014, we’ve been conducting real-time bidding and online programmatic buying in-house.

The positive impact of this development on our clients’ business has been clear:

  • Better Targeting – With real time bidding combined with 1st or 3rd party data overlays, we are buying higher quality impressions against our clients core targets with little or no wasted impressions.
  • Lower CPM – buying inventory on an open exchange in real time gives our digital team unique leverage, significantly driving down cost.
  • Higher Ad Performance – With better targeting and the ability to serve relevant ads to core targets where they are in real time, we see higher ad engagement and conversion data.

In a nutshell, our trading desk gets the right message in front of the right people at the right time – all at lower overall cost, delivering more conversions.

The Tombras Group Adds Nissan and Infiniti to Client Roster

KNOXVILLE, TENN. (October 23, 2014): The Tombras Group has been named Nissan North America content marketing agency of record for NissanConnect and Infiniti InTouch connected services products.

“NissanConnect and Infiniti InTouch services are activating a powerful shift towards convenience and connectivity within the automotive space,” said Dooley Tombras, senior vice president and director of digital and strategic planning. “Our creative firepower, video production capabilities and proficiency with utilizing video content to educate and inform are a natural fit.”

The products lines combine navigation, entertainment and communication into a single dash-mounted system that syncs with smart phone apps.

Tombras will drive awareness, enrollment, renewals and product purchase through a strategic, video-based content marketing program.

The Tombras Group is a 130-plus-person, full-service, national advertising agency with offices in Washington, D.C.; Louisville, Kentucky; Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee (headquarters); Roanoke, Virginia and Charleston, South Carolina.

Nissan North America Inc. coordinates all Nissan vehicle operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico, including automotive styling, consumer and corporate financing and engineering.