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Note: This is the second installment of a three-part blog series highlighting The Tombras Group’s media capabilities: Trading Desk, Programmatic TV, and Performance Attribution on Traditional Media.


In our last entry we touched on the merits of digital programmatic media buying. Now we’ll review how Tombras is conducting similar audience-based buys for television resulting in lower cost, higher impact campaigns. Buying TV programmatically is in the early adoption phase – only 1% of all local and national television media bought today is programmatic – but it is projected to grow exponentially. The Tombras Group media team is already using the technology to maximize the efficiency of our buys. So how does all this work? Great question!

  • First, Tombras media planners tap into the massive amount of audience data collected by big data companies, categorizing people based on demographics, psychographics, interests and purchase data.
  • Second, this data is reconciled with data from various TV Networks or cable providers, which enables targeting of very specific audience sets.
  • Third, Tombras media planners input our client’s highly focused target audience data allowing us to buy impressions regardless of what program the consumer may be watching.
  • Finally, the target audience is served our client’s tailored message, whether they’re watching a ball game, a sitcom, or a cooking show, reaching only the desired audience.

This improved targeting results in significant cost savings. This is because our cost per impression remains the same, but we see a marked decrease in cost per CORRECT impression. This means that we are able to buy fewer impressions to achieve our desired result. Tombras is relentlessly focused on staying ahead of the curve in leveraging the latest marketing technology for our clients. In our next installment we’ll discuss how our media and analytics teams are delivering performance attribution on traditional advertising campaigns.

The Tombras Group Breaks Ground With Digital Media Trading Desk

Note: This is the first installment of a three-part blog series highlighting The Tombras Group’s media capabilities: Trading Desk, Programmatic TV, and Performance Attribution on Traditional Media.

Over the past twelve months there’s plenty of industry buzz about trading desks. In fact, sophisticated marketers like Unilever, Proctor & Gamble and Mondelez are in the process of shifting up to 75% of their media to a trading desk. The Tombras Group is at the forefront of this trend. Since implementing a proprietary trading desk in early 2014, we’ve been conducting real-time bidding and online programmatic buying in-house.

The positive impact of this development on our clients’ business has been clear:

  • Better Targeting – With real time bidding combined with 1st or 3rd party data overlays, we are buying higher quality impressions against our clients core targets with little or no wasted impressions.
  • Lower CPM – buying inventory on an open exchange in real time gives our digital team unique leverage, significantly driving down cost.
  • Higher Ad Performance – With better targeting and the ability to serve relevant ads to core targets where they are in real time, we see higher ad engagement and conversion data.

In a nutshell, our trading desk gets the right message in front of the right people at the right time – all at lower overall cost, delivering more conversions.

Tombras’ Latest Campaign Featured in Archive

Lürzer’s International Archive (Vol. 03-2014) featured The Tombras Group’s “Just Drive” TV spot and online video. Being recognized by Archive, considered to be the most prestigious advertising publication in the world, confirms our commitment to developing world class creative that resonates across all channels.

With over 10 million views on YouTube and voted the #1 commercial in the world by the readers of Adweek the week it was launched, the impact of #justdrive has gone global.

Click here to see #justdrive. 






Tourism Success Continues With The Crystal Coast Win

The Tombras Group has continued to build on our long history of success helping our clients draw visitors to their communities and attractions. This spring, we were named the Digital Agency of Record for North Carolina’s Crystal Coast.

“We hired The Tombras Group as digital agency of record because they deliver on their mantra of connecting data with creativity to produce business results” says Carol Lohr, Executive Director of Crystal Coast Tourism Authority. “In the first two months, they turned up the digital volume producing strong gains for local businesses. The Crystal Coast Tourism Authority is looking forward to new and exciting opportunities with The Tombras Group.”

Check out some of our recent tourism and attraction work by clicking the links below:

<– Smoky Mountain Tourism – Nationally Recognized Multichannel Creative
Country Music Hall of Fame – Digital Platform to Increase Visitation
Visit Knoxville – Digital Relaunch and Brand Repositioning
Bristol Motor Speedway – Web Portal to Increase Ticket Sales to all 50 states

Tombras Adds Carlos Alcazar to Lead Multicultural Marketing

The Tombras Group is pleased to announce that cross-cultural marketing expert Carlos Alcazar has joined our team as the Managing Director of Multicultural. Carlos was formerly the President & Chief Creative Officer of Hispanic Communications Network. Carlos has produced award-winning work for clients like LIVESTRONG, AT&T, The American Heart Association and several federal government agencies.

The Tombras Group has been developing multicultural and Spanish-language campaign work for clients like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, McDonald’s and ESPN, but by bringing Carlos and his network of cross-cultural experts inside we’ve positioned ourselves to grow as a market leader across demographics. “Our world is changing faster than at any point in history,” says Alcazar. “Data-driven decisions combined with original content and messaging that resonates and spurs action across cultures creates true market engagement.”

Tombras is the new agency model. World-class designers and writers, account planners and data scientists, plus creative technologists paired with cross-cultural experts who can bring any idea to life in any channel. This model allows us to do creative that works and delivers measurable business results in rapidly changing consumer markets across the country.

Below are three national brand examples of multicultural campaigns. You can view more of our work here. 

McDonald’s 2 for $3 Scratch Made Biscuits Radio (Spanish)

Daimler Trucks North America Hires Tombras to Launch its National Loyalty Program

The Tombras Group has been tasked with developing the brand platform, program strategy and launch of Truck Bucks℠, the first nationwide loyalty program for Daimler Trucks North America. With more than 800 locations, Daimler is leveraging Tombras’ extensive loyalty program experience in other business categories such as insurance, convenience stores, grocery and quick service restaurants.

The Truck Bucks tagline reflects its simple, no-frills approach: “NO FEE. NO HASSLE. INSTANT SAVINGS REWARD CARD.” As Truck Bucks builds brand affinity among its audience base, Tombras’ analytics team is evaluating campaign performance as well as dealer and distributor performance with the program. Insights from the Tombras’ analytics team are then being used to optimize the Truck Bucks marketing program in real time.

Daimler’s decision to hire Tombras in March of this year has quickly paid off. Truck Bucks reached its six-month enrollment goal in just three months.

You can view more of our work here.



Tombras’ #JustDrive Video Earns Adweek’s Top Spot

On Monday morning, April 7th the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration debuted a shocking new commercial for distracted driving. The integrated “UDrive. UText. UPay.” campaign was first featured by Advertising Age but went viral as news of the impactful video hit social media with the hashtag #JustDrive. Before the end of the day, dozens of publications had picked up the story, including Adweek, Huffington Post, Mashable, Business Insider, Yahoo!, Time, DailyMail and many others. The attention peaked last Friday, with “UDrive. UText. UPay.” being voted Adweek’s #1 Commercial of the Week.

Each week, Adweek compiles the five best commercials from around the world and ranks them based on fan voting. When “UDrive. UText. UPay.” claimed the top spot, receiving 41% of the vote, it beat out work from brands like Canon and Smirnoff, among others. Recognition is great, but this is more than a campaign. It’s an urgent message to young drivers that “If you’re texting, you’re not driving.”

Watch the online version of the video below, and view more of our work here.

Communication Arts Features Unconventional Tombras Creative

Communication Arts, the world’s preeminent publication on visual arts, recently recognized Tombras’ work for the Smoky Mountain Highland Games. (Link)

The campaign features authentic Scottish silhouettes set against beautiful Smoky Mountain scenery. Coupled with quirky copy, the posters are effective in communicating the fun and unique experience that waits at the Highland Games.

The largest creative magazine in the world, CA showcases the top work worldwide in graphic design, advertising, illustration, photography, interactive design and typography.

Check out more of our work here.

Pitino Takes the Court for KentuckyOne Health

In KentuckyOne’s newest commercial, Coach Rick Pitino gives a slam-dunk endorsement for the Commonwealth’s largest healthcare provider. Coach Pitino is known to demand the best from everyone involved in his program. KentuckyOne steps up to deliver that level of care for Cardinals basketball, and his stamp of approval solidifies their reputation as the top healthcare provider in the state.

With the perennial powerhouse Louisville Cardinals poised for a deep tournament run, KentuckyOne leverages Kentuckians’ basketball-crazy focus. The goal is to build brand preference statewide. The multi-channel campaign capitalizes on fan interest to drive awareness and engagement while reinforcing the concern that Coach Pitino and Louisville Athletics have for their student athletes.

Digital Effects Sell Tickets at The Last Great Colosseum

Bristol Motor Speedway is the largest fully-enclosed outdoor venue in the country; one whose grandstands rise over the high-banking track below, setting the stage for fierce competition among drivers. So, when the creative team at The Tombras Group set out to promote this year’s March race, the Colosseum concept was a foregone conclusion.

To bring the comparison to life, we digitally rendered the Roman Colosseum transforming into Bristol’s modern structure. The dramatic animation and original music score combined with actual clips of Bristol race battles gives the viewer a taste of what NASCAR excitement awaits in the Last Great Colosseum.

UPDATE: Fox Sports features The Tombras Group’s campaign and lists some of NASCAR’s most likely Gladiators. Click here to read the article.

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