VP Account Group Director

The Tombras Group, a 200+ person, fully integrated ad agency, and the Ad Age National Small Agency of the Year seeks a VP Account Group Director for its Knoxville office to be responsible for protecting and growing the agency’s relationships with a portfolio of prestigious and national clients.


  • Establish and build strong personal and working relationships with designated client contacts and make certain the agency maintains a “web” of contact throughout the organization
  • Maintain each client’s respect and confidence as a trusted advisor and confidant offering an eager and open ear, sound judgment, proven business acumen and a range of relevant approaches to various issues and opportunities
  • Demonstrate confidence, authority and level-headed decision-making as the agency’s leadership voice on assigned accounts
  • Effectively and confidently balance the dual expectations and business goals of the client and agency as well as the expectations of multiple clients and agency teams
  • Anticipate and address potential client relationship or revenue issues, advising agency management in time for the agency to act proactively
  • Lead development, and oversee implementation, of an annual Client Development Plan – updated at mid-year – for each client 

Staff Leadership and Support

  • Effectively assign, delegate and monitor the work of the agency staff assigned
  • Demonstrate a willingness and ability to lead the positive, spirited debate of ideas and points-of-view in order to push “your team” and the agency at large to deliver a continuously improving product, both counsel and creative
  • Create a working environment that encourages and supports a positive mindset about the work as well as the client and agency staff that is involved
  • Communicate effectively and proactively with departments heads regarding performance issues and opportunities for improvement
  • Encourage, and demonstrate, unity behind team and agency decision-making

Analytical and Planning Abilities

  • Display, and serve as a model of, marketing curiosity and the willingness to push your own thinking and the agency’s work in new directions
  • Lead the efforts to develop and articulate key points-of-view – internally and externally – relative to strategic/creative alternatives, client industries and issues
  • Demonstrate the capacity, and lead the agency’s efforts, to, identify key elements of an issue, problem or data set and be able to articulate a wide range of client and agency opportunities and implications
  • Contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of agency projects by demonstrating for the staff the ability to approach projects by “beginning with the end in mind”
  • Use the benefit of separation from the “day-to-day” to make certain staffers continue to articulate, and adhere to, agreed upon client strategies and directives 

Business Impact

  • Identify specific opportunities for growth within existing client organizations
  • Develop and employ selling skills to explore these growth opportunities
  • Be a model for stewardship of our clients’ and the agency’s money – avoiding unnecessary expenditures, acting to minimize errors, and negotiating required costs
  • Monitor staff development and satisfaction to ensure retention of key staff members
  • Participate as requested or required in business development efforts


As Account Group Director, you must be a model example of adherence to agency processes making certain your assigned staff follows suit.

  • Make certain staff members prepare thorough, accurate and timely internal communication: job starters, change orders, creative briefs, media plan requests, buy authorizations and timelines
  • Review monthly billing to monitor project estimates versus actual costs and time accruals to minimize losses and/or write-offs
  • Make certain staff completes monthly billing in accordance with the Accounting calendar
  • Review monthly budget recaps to track client revenue against historical patterns and annual targets

The Tombras Group offers a great work environment, competitive salaries and a full range of benefits including health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, 401(k) and more. Send your resume to: charlie@tombras.com