Digital Ad Fraud and Your Marketing Investment

Digital Ad Fraud and Your Marketing Investment
May 12th, 2015 Digital

iStock_000049494594_Double-800x800Digital ad fraud, commonly called traffic fraud, is becoming all too prevalent in the interactive advertising space. People are able to use bots or other means to create artificial impressions and clicks to exploit the system, causing advertisers to pay for fake, non-human traffic. This practice has had a major impact on the industry:


  • Fraudulent impressions can make up nearly 40% of a digital buy wasting valuable marketing dollars
  • Campaign performance results are skewed leading to false assumptions and bad optimization decisions
  • Inventory supply becomes inflated creating artificial pricing levels

Ad fraud doesn’t simply occur in the seedy underbelly of the Internet – it’s everywhere. According to a December 2014 study by the ANA, 25% of all fraudulent traffic is found on the 1,000 most visited sites on the web with both display and video ad formats being heavily affected.

The Tombras Group has invested in the latest digital marketing technology, including an ad verification platform, to mitigate the impact of ad fraud for our clients. This practice delivers key benefits including:

  • Ad verification with every campaign (at no additional cost)
  • We ensure that we’re getting only human eyes on your ads
  • Your digital ads are in brand-safe content areas
  • The message reaches only your geographic and demographic targets

Combatting ad fraud is critical to the success of digital campaigns. To date, few advertisers and agencies have tackled the issue of fraud. However, with these investments, The Tombras Group can now minimize the impact of fraud on digital campaigns whether your monthly ad spend is $10,000 or $1,000,000.

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