New KentuckyOne Campaign Guides Patients to “Choose Their Door”

New KentuckyOne Campaign Guides Patients to “Choose Their Door”
April 28th, 2015 General

KentuckyOne Health is Kentucky’s largest heath system with over 200 locations across the state. Despite having access to many different primary care access points, key consumer insights indicated their consumers weren’t exactly sure how to obtain the level of care that best suited their individual needs. Consumers wanted primary care options that were not only convenient, but also easy to access and navigate – they wanted to get in, get out, and get back to life.

So to help inform consumers about the many options available, and to increase consumer volume across all access points, The Tombras Group created a campaign called “Choose Your Door.”

The campaign used animation to showcase a wide variety of consumers and conditions, and stand out in a sea of healthcare advertising. Using an integrated approach of traditional and digital media channels including broadcast and cable TV, print, radio, outdoor, email, digital display, pay-per-click, social media and search, we showed consumers the right door for them.

To ensure the campaign delivered on the objective, we tracked key performance indicators through custom toll-free phone numbers to schedule appointments with physicians. We also developed a campaign website that displays the closest primary care facility based on geolocation and allow consumers to request an appointment. Plus, we developed a custom marketing performance dashboard to monitor and optimize the campaign in real time.

Since the campaign launched, we’ve seen some very healthy results.

  • 30,000 site visits
  • 600 calls for a primary care physician
  • 250 appointment request form completions

Check out the animated TV spot below, or click here to view more work.