Programmatic TV Buying

Programmatic TV Buying
November 18th, 2014 General

Note: This is the second installment of a three-part blog series highlighting The Tombras Group’s media capabilities: Trading Desk, Programmatic TV, and Performance Attribution on Traditional Media.

In our last entry we touched on the merits of digital programmatic media buying. Now we’ll review how Tombras is conducting similar audience-based buys for television resulting in lower cost, higher impact campaigns. Buying TV programmatically is in the early adoption phase – only 1% of all local and national television media bought today is programmatic – but it is projected to grow exponentially. The Tombras Group media team is already using the technology to maximize the efficiency of our buys. So how does all this work? Great question!

  • First, Tombras media planners tap into the massive amount of audience data collected by big data companies, categorizing people based on demographics, psychographics, interests and purchase data.
  • Second, this data is reconciled with data from various TV Networks or cable providers, which enables targeting of very specific audience sets.
  • Third, Tombras media planners input our client’s highly focused target audience data allowing us to buy impressions regardless of what program the consumer may be watching.
  • Finally, the target audience is served our client’s tailored message, whether they’re watching a ball game, a sitcom, or a cooking show, reaching only the desired audience.

This improved targeting results in significant cost savings. This is because our cost per impression remains the same, but we see a marked decrease in cost per CORRECT impression. This means that we are able to buy fewer impressions to achieve our desired result. Tombras is relentlessly focused on staying ahead of the curve in leveraging the latest marketing technology for our clients. In our next installment we’ll discuss how our media and analytics teams are delivering performance attribution on traditional advertising campaigns.