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Bark Air

A row of dogs sit in an airplane with headphones around their necks

A 100% Totally Real Airline for Dogs

Yes, you read that right. An airline for dogs.

Together with BARK AIR, we designed an airline from the ground up to put dogs first. Every detail, from the in-flight amenities (doggie champagne, anyone?) to the wagging tail on the outside of the plane, was crafted with a pup’s tastes in mind. Say goodbye to flying in crates and cargo holds, and hello to a Push for Belly Rubs button, a shoe chewing menu, and an in-air dog park. 

For anybody getting jealous while reading this, don’t worry – humans fly free with every dog. Flights are booking now at

BARK Air, a new airline for dogs, launches its first flight
First BARK Air flight that caters to dogs takes off
BARK Air, a new airline for dogs, set to take its first flight
BARK Air, airline for dogs, takes first flight departing from New York
Bark Air, a 'Luxurious' New Airline Specifically for Dogs, Took Its First Flight — and It Was Sold Out
Logo of People
Bark Air flying above clouds that are tinted orange-red because of the sunset
Pilots helping a golden retriever climbing the stairs to get onto a Bark Air flight
A dog walker walking 5 dogs of varying sizes and breeds in front of a billboard for Bark Air
A mastiff drinks fresh toilet water from a bottle served by a flight attendant
A dog looking out at a sunset from their seat in a Bark Air plane
A small dog playing in the Bark Air play room while a flight attendant makes toilet water at the bar
Looking at the back of the head of a curly, brown dog who is staring at a Bark Air billboard across the street
A dog and a flight attendant are asleep in a comfy bed
Overhead flight attendant request menu that shows belly rubs as an option
A dog licking its lips as a flight attendant serves a stinky shoe on a silver platter