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Deep Steaks video cover

Yes, Steak-umm deepfaked vegans.

Thanks to the rapid advancement of AI, you can make a realistic deepfake of pretty much anyone in about 20 minutes. For Steak-umm, the brand that stands for 100% real… that’s cause for real concern. So we deepfaked a focus group of vegans to show just how dangerous this technology can be. Because if a deepfake can make vegans say they love meat, imagine what a deepfake could make you say.

Steak-umm appears interested in showing how this technology could be used to harm the little guy, in addition to the rich and powerful.
Yahoo News
Steak-umm Uses Deepfakes to Make Vegans Devour Meat
This is the very beginning; it could get a lot worse.
Wall Street Journal
Deepfake Technology, A.I., and frozen steak?
Inc. logo
Quadrants with a single focus group participant eating a sandwich


In classic Steak-umm style, we teed up the campaign with a dissertation on the dangers of deepfakes.



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