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Man on pink LeMond bicycle

LeMond Reinvents eBikes

Everyone knows the name Greg LeMond, the first American cyclist to win the Tour de France. But not everyone knows that he’s changing the future of personal mobility. LeMond’s high-end carbon fiber electric bikes are shattering preconceptions of how ebikes look and function, enticing a broader audience to rethink electric mobility.

Our web team created a visually immersive, modern web experience that blends lifestyle with best-in class ecommerce function.

Making biking accessible to all
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LeMond 8 page
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Screenshot of LeMond Website
LeMond Dutch bicycle

Elite performance for the everyday rider

LeMond was ready to scale, but was held back by cumbersome digital systems, and a brand that lacked the humanity needed to connect with the everyday cyclist. We launched a refreshed digital presence with a faster, more flexible website and a warmer, more approachable brand. The evolved brand blends classic styling with bright colors and lifestyle photography—shifting the perception of the company to an approachable lifestyle brand and creating a scalable digital system to serve Lemond for years to come.


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LeMond digital style guide
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Go electric in style

Meticulously design product pages reach key audiences in the emerging ebike market.

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