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MoonPie MoonMate

MoonPie - Your "Outta This World" Roommate promo of the Alexa dot next to a half-eaten moonpie

Alexa, launch Moonpie MoonMate

Social distancing is tough. Being isolated from friends and family — while important — just sucks. And seeing the same somber, black-and-white, light piano music ads over and over doesn’t help. MoonPie MoonMate is our answer to both. We created a hilarious “virtual roommate” that keeps you company, makes you laugh, and brings MoonPie’s iconic brand voice into real life via Alexa-enabled devices. And yes, it absolutely pays you rent (just ask).

“Your ‘outta this world’ roommate.”
“Hilarious! Might make you want to quarantine forever.”
USA Today
“Not only filled our stomachs but put smiles on our faces.”
World-changing idea
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