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MoonPie Sun Bad

Still shot of MoonPie's Sun Bad Sunscreen video campaign

Sun Bad Sunscreen

MoonPie isn't too fond of the sun. Obviously, the moon is a far superior celestial body. But also… the sun is just a big bully who only wants to burn your skin and melt your MoonPies. Who does that???

So in the brand's most Outta This World work ever, we actually made a sunscreen called MoonPie Sun Bad as a giant SPFU to the mean old sun. If you head to, you’ll see what we mean.

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Moon the internet

The website includes a set of retro graphics and backgrounds that you can download and share, extending the idea even further.

MoonPie -The moon is my mom graphic
MoonPie - We Ride at Dusk graphic
MoonPie - Tbh Idk Ab The Sun graphic
MoonPie - Sun Bad graphic
MoonPie - Humanity Advisory graphic
MoonPie - In My Moon Era graphic

We extended the brand's antagonism from social media to product idea in time for the Summer Solstice.

Screenshot of Sun Bad Sunscreen website landing page


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