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Steak-Umm Beef Sheets Campaign | Steak-Umm character laying on a bed covered in Beef Sheets

Beef Sheets

Everyone loves Steak-umm, but not everyone can actually eat Steak-umm. So we thought it was time for the internet-infamous beef sheets brand to make beef sheets even vegans can enjoy. And boy did we make ’em.

Your bed 100% needs these Steak-umm Beef Sheets ASAP
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Steak-umm Beef Sheets Campaign video still of a guy sitting in a bed covered with Beef Sheets

We made an outrageous direct-response website lampooning the cheesy, over-the-top “as seen on TV” ecommerce sites.

Homepage screenshot of Steak-Umm's Beef Sheets
Screenshot of the 'Countless Vegan-Friendly Features.. and More!' section of the website
Screenshot of the 'Catch Some Ssssssss's' section of the website
Screenshot of the 'Give in to Your Carnivorous Temptations' section of the website.

Josh Cellars

Closeup of a Josh Cellars bottle of wine