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Sweethearts Situationships

A box of Situationships sits on top of a heart-shaped pedestal with candy hearts next to it

A Valentine’s gift as blurry as your relationship. 

We turned Sweethearts’ misprinted candies into the perfect gift for the year’s top dating trend: Situationships.  Filled entirely with sweet, meaningless nothings and literal mixed messages – Sweethearts Situationships turned the candies we used to think of as rejects into the perfect commentary on all the blurry feelings in modern dating.

Sweethearts is selling ‘Situationship Boxes’ with blurry text and ‘literal mixed messages’.
People Magazine
Sweethearts creates Situationship candy full of mixed messages for Valentine’s Day
Good Morning America
Sweethearts Candy Turns Its Biggest Flaw Into a Selling Point
The Takeout
These Situationship candy hearts are perfect for ‘Confused Singles’.
In a Situationship? Now there’s a Valentine’s Day candy for that.
Food Network


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Wasted candy hearts
This Valentine’s Day, let Sweethearts ‘Situationship Boxes’ have the awkward conversation.
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Blonde woman dressed in red inspects a Sweethearts candy on a conveyor belt
A mash up of various creators reacting to Situationships
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Sweethearts Situationships had everyone falling in love.

With the candy, we mean. Two online drops sold out in an instant, and major retailers are looking to stock them on store shelves for next Valentine’s day.

A collage of various users' leaving witty and funny comments on Sweethearts Situationships posts


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