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Screenshot of AdAge's Top 5 Meataverse Activations of 2022 article

Fighting misinformation in the metaverse

As if it wasn’t bad enough in real life, misinformation is beginning to spread across the metaverse. The Meataversity was built to stop it while we still can. 

Located in Decentraland (a metaverse platform that doesn’t require a VR headset), the Meataversity of Steak-umm campus is easily accessible from most web browsers. From the quad to the classroom, every pixel of our institution is dedicated to creating better informed internet citizens.

“Steak-umm isn’t messing around as it enters the Metaverse”
Muse by Clio
“Steak-umm emerges as unlikely coronavirus misinformation watchdog”
Wall Street Journal
Top 5 Metaverse activations of 2022
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Professor shrugging in a Meataversity classroom
Noble, grand, and online – the Meataversity School of Misinformation Studies

A state-of-the-art university dedicated to spotting, navigating and stopping misinformation

When misinformation was running rampant, we invited everyone to enroll for free at our metaverse campus. There, they took part in our robust misinformation studies coursework, and after passing a final exam, earned an NFT diploma. But the college experience didn’t stop there. Students scored free steak-umm in the cafeteria and even earned official Meataversity wearables in the bookstore.

Fans across the internet lost their minds:

  • 16% of the entire metaverse attended our university

  • 33% of students finished the full curriculum.

  • 12-minute completion time

  • Our wearables hit the resale market with considerable markup

Meataversity student learning to catch misinformation
Students receiving NFTs