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TX Whiskey

Still from the TX Whiskey 'Our whiskey. Our way.' video campaign, man sitting at a bar

Our whiskey. Our way.

We worked with TX Whiskey to introduce the brand’s first campaign: “Our Whiskey. Our Way.” It’s a nod to the independent spirit of Texans and the innovative techniques used by TX in the distillation process, using Texas pecans for the yeast needed to create the mashbill and distilling the spirit in a quintessentially Texan copper still that sits at the center of TX’s Whiskey Ranch. We enlisted native Texan and cattle ranch owner Scott McNairy to espouse what it means to be Texan in mind, body, and spirit — a blend of ruggedness and elegance.

TX Whiskey "Our Whiskey. Our Way" campaign still, bottle of TX Whiskey next to a glass, 'Our Whiskey'
TX Whiskey, 'Our Whiskey. Our Way.' campaign still, man holding a glass of TX Whiskey looking at the camera
TX Whiskey, 'Our Whiskey. Our Way' campaign still, bottle of TX Whiskey next to a glass 'Our Whiskey, Our Way'