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World Vasectomy Day

Ilana Glazer holding a Cards to Nards card

Cards to Nards

This year marked the first Valentine’s Day since the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, a ruling that erased 50 years of reproductive rights in America. And we got to thinking: how can dicks nationwide do more to prevent unwanted pregnancies? So we partnered with global nonprofit World Vasectomy Day to create a different kind of greeting card: Cards to Nards — romantic poems written directly to testicles, urging them to consider a true act of love this Valentine’s Day: Getting a vasectomy.

You might consider your pull out game strong, but every unplanned baby is caused by a dong
Cards to Nards on a sidewalk
“Tombras redefines what a true act of love means this Valentine’s Day—and beyond.”
“Taking Valentine’s Day by the balls: why a nonprofit is sending cards to testicles.”
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These Valentine’s Day cards will sweet-talk your testicles into getting a vasectomy.
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