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Dolph Lundgren menacingly walking through fog

Zaxby’s Fried Chicken Philly

Putting Zaxby’s fried chicken on Philly’s favorite sandwich? Disrespectful. Putting billboards up in Philadelphia to taunt the city about their favorite sandwich? Savage. Putting this disrespectfully delicious sandwich in the hands of Philadelphia's archnemesis Dolph Lundgren, and then putting him on the Philadelphia Museum of Art steps? Asking for it. The campaign drove press, sales and, in the case of Philadelphia, outrage.

How dare they use Philly to sell this delicious chicken sandwich
Philadelphia Inquirer
Lundgren takes a bite out of Zaxby's new Fried Chicken Philly – a twist on the staple that may upset the natives
Entertainment Tonight
Athens-based Zaxby’s trolls Philadelphia to promote new sandwich
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Zaxby’s goes out of its way – quite literally – to dunk on Philadelphia
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Dolph Lundgren standing at the top of stairs celebrating Zaxby's Philly


Sales vs Forecast
Earned Media Hits
Dolph Lundgren standing at the top of stairs in Philadelphia


We hit the streets of Philadelphia to see what they thought of the fried chicken philly. They had a lot to say.

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Your bell and philly needed fixing. We fixed one.
Finally, the Philly done right
Billboard with the text that reads "Philly, here's a sandwich actually worth naming a city after."
A truck parked outside of Geno's in Philly with a tag line of, "Looking for a great Philly? You're in the wrong place"


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